Relevance of ART…

Roy DeForest                                      

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On a surprising note, art surrounds our life so much but it’s relevance is completely undermined. We refer something in relation to art if it establishes a deeper connect with ourselves. It transpires us entirely into a new world beyond the hackneyed propositions in life. Even though the relief provided is momentary, it marks a pleasant change in our perception. Every individual gets enchanted by a particular form of art. The impact created is remarkably different to each of the personalities. Breaking aside from judgments on any work of art, it merely is a expression of our inner self. A sculptor expresses through his carvings, A singer with his voice, A painter with his portrait! Life would have been dull if a stroke of a paintbrush on a paper meant painting, balancing hand movements meant dancing and cutting a stone meant carving. There may be aspirers who are allured by the monetary aspects that art provides but much beyond that, a work without satisfaction and commitment possesses no soul and art has an insignificant death then and there. If happiness was the only reason for expression, the essence of expression just doesn’t feel complete. Just like the 2 sides of a coin, life is delicately balanced with success and failure, happiness and sadness. Art gives us a equal chance to explore them through various forms. If M.F.Hussain had only painted embellished aspects of life, he wouldn’t be as reverred he is, as of now.

             There’ve always been doubts raised regarding the practical application of art in our daily life. But are the diverse forms of art, path breaking enough to bring about a drastic change in the society? How well can we use art to impact our sustenance?  Coming back from our worldly activities in our daily life at home, are we considerate enough to analyse the significance of art in life’s proceedings? Whenever there’s art, the recognition part of it is to be handled carefully. Its very difficult for a human to stay grounded despite the adulation obtained for his/her contribution to art. It should most importantly strengthen the will of the artiste to better the work they’ve done rather than sinking themselves in the fame they’re adored with. To make it simple, with fame comes an equal responsibility of sustaining it. There also are artistes who’ve denounced fame arguing that their work isn’t meant to enthuse the public but merely the personal self. Art still is an expression that is born out of the thirst of the creator’s necessity. Fame is an added bonus to the work,some accept it, some don’t.

            On a societal note, art’s influence can’t be generalised on a whole. If depiction of modest pleasures through a visual form is art, one can’t deny the fact of depicting gore violence being an art either. Art becomes a very relative aspect there. For example if people watch a certain movie, each of them borrow a different essence from it. If a drama shows Raavan killing a group of people through dance, it might evocate anger in one and desire in one. The desire provoked might even take him to the extent of him rampantly killing a group of innocent people. Can the person behind the drama be blamed for the same? That’s a difficult one to answer as the actions of a spectator can’t justify the essence of the creator. However, this doesn’t deny the dangers associated with art.  In the name of art, there’s always a chance of over-glorifying an aspect which takes the impact to the extremities. This doesn’t augur well for an audience as the creator behind the work should rather portray his expertise rather than imposing his ideas through it. Art as a whole becomes a difficult proposition to give an opinion on, as there’ll be various arguments that should be taken in totality.

             Ultimately what will we borrow from art? If the need for relaxation is one feeling that compels us for appreciating art, the passion behind the origin of the work is even more inspiring. Satisfaction is one critical aspect in it. While some argue that when an artist is satisfied with his/her personal work, it indeed marks the time that his quality would saturate. Art superficially teaches that life is much beyond our little troubles and joys giving us a real taste of powerful expression. It propels us to inject the same passion in every work we do without worrying about its result. Giving it everything we can and leaving the impact to fate. There’s hardly any sense of regret in such a route we undertake. It’s all about acceptance within ourselves and expressing it through our chores. So, art can be  simple as well as complex depending on your absorbance. It may not and need not impress a majority but if you do justice(giving it your best shot) during the creation of the work, that’s the  best reward you possess.


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