Walk and Talk, Live and Learn


Hyde Park - Park view

                   Picture Courtesy: www.besttourism.com

As I get myself readied for a daily evening walk, I begin analyzing the reason behind my writings. What’s the desperation that’s making me write? Inspiration, if I call it, is too small a word to describe as a reason. Imbibed in thoughts, I realize I’m blocking a vehicle’s path on the road. With the horns buzzing all over my eardrums, I’m forced to switch back to reality and postpone my self checks by a few minutes, at least, until I reach the park.

                      I witness a mom affectionately take her kid in her arms after a long day at school. I see two kids holding hands in the street side proceeding towards their places. A struggling grandfather takes a few steps on the road with the help of his equally ageing, beloved wife. It’s not that these sights appear alien to me, but it made me appreciate the emotional depth concealing the simplicity in its visuals.

                     Many situations in life are just mistaken for the littleness they depict. It took a lot of self transformation to laud such modest exultations in actuality. I’m not here to deem the change either as a positive or a negative one but, the happiness it has provided me matches to none. Living in a phase dominated by gadgets, applications, social networking platforms, life seems beautiful harnessing such guileless activities.

                    I wish to go back to the era where multiplexes were talkies, life meant trust and television meant Doordarshan. Born in such a generation doesn’t give me much of a choice, but given an option, I prefer the former, leading a life minus all the plasticity that exists today.

                  As these thoughts wile over a span of fifteen minutes, I take my entrance ticket and drop a coin in the beggar’s box as a part of my mundane reality more than anything else. I see a dozen beings enjoying their saunter pleasantly. While a few love birds chirp with each other, few of them are satisfied with their solitude. As my mobile seizes control over my senses I jump ecstatically in the mid air grooving to a fast paced number.

                 If I answer fitness as a reason for my daily walk, I’ll be lying for sure. Being born in a house of an orthodox Brahmin didn’t give me much of an option either, to experiment with my choices. Prejudices, advises dominated the proceedings rather than gifting freedom. Yes, you got it right, for a long while, freedom seemed a gift more than a necessity. Besides, having no sibling meant that I had to enjoy my solitude to the fullest.

                  It cost me an entire childhood to realize the value of people before which they were a mere part of my life similar to a business deal. Friendship, I thought was a give and take policy  which now for me is an extended definition of trust. Experiencing the extremities of being lost in a crowd sans enjoyment showed me the need to create an identity for myself. It wasn’t to prove any aspect to the world, but just that I needed to know myself a lot better.

                  Even if the difficulties that I’ve seen in life can be termed as minor ones, it still helped me establish a deeper meaning of life. These moments of self analysis embarked a need to express, that found its medium through an inanimate yet a timeless phenomenon, a pen. As the watchman in the park blows a final whistle before he rushes for his supper, I find myself completing another day with satisfaction having a reason to breathe. Every day presents a new opportunity to learn, enjoy and make mistakes and as a result, the excitement for every day as I wake up from my bed never ceases to die. If a walk has helped me feel better, I don’t find a reason to avoid it. The ever satisfying connect with nature has proved to be fruitful yet again! Walk and Talk, Live and Learn! 😀 😀


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