Honesty with an intensity…….

Films in simple terms have to ensure a vision to a writer’s desperation to express a story. Full length feature films always score an advantage over short films with respect to the emotional connect as it gives the maker behind it, enough time to explore all his characters. Short films in that sense have to be smartly packaged in their quest to appease audiences. They need to be slick, crisp built with a proper foundation to the story. An aspiring film maker in his own right, Sai Charan’s effort to ensure a technical extravaganza is inherently visible in his short film titled ‘The Assassin’.

              The tale embarks with one of the main protagonists being introduced as an agent of a drug dealer who acts as a messenger to deliver the same. With a railway track as a backdrop, he deals with his clients equipping them with a certain code to ensure privacy in his dealings. He however mistakes a normal person to be his client who utters the same code by the customer who has to take the goods. But a 108 year history beckons the two. They have a connection and they are on a mission. What’s so significant in their past for them to reunite after a century’s gap? Do they have the character in them to conquer the final frontier? You witness every scene unlocking a new mystery as you gear up for an intense drama.

           The film is clearly a product of inspiration, one feels. Every character has a specific intention who poster their intentions to seal their destiny. As the titles beam in, the background score catches your ears instantly. It provides a solid start to a film that’s consistent in its narration. The jaw dropping intensity fascinates you for the film’s entirety backed up by an intriguing climactic sequence. The characters have enough credibility invested in a script constructed with a strong emotional base. However it isn’t a film that’s entirely flawless, but yes, they do appear minor in totality.

          The flashback episode is easily the film’s biggest strength besides it’s technical grandeur. The lead up to the flashback however isn’t memorable. The emotions of the actors Tejas and Raj, failed to speak when it mattered the most. The dialogues of Rajiv lack the seriousness that’s adept for the film’s mood. The camera work is just about neat. The response of the audiences will certainly depend on the fact whether they are ready to neglect the inspirations borrowed, glimpsing the product as an original one. Charan’s work is yet very commendable that he never let a viewer relax at crucial junctures of the work which is an asset to any storyteller.  For a first film, Charan has depicted encouraging signs. His edits have been no short of gloriousness that catapults the film to another dimension. It’s just that, his aides could have complemented him on a better level in polishing an otherwise stable film.

My Take: 3.25/5

Thumbs up to the entire team!

Readers can watch the film here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXj805bMXoY


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