As memories roll on……


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As I pave my way to enter the third decade of my existence, here I try to recollect a few frames of a clouded portrait that is yet to attain clarity. The first day I had joined my pre-school, the first moment where a girl appealed to my senses, the first situation where I experienced the value of friendship and as the list continues, I reconstruct experiences that have ushered my life every year.

           From being the only child at home to a well noticed chap in my engineering days, there have been lots of memories that have played an undeniable role in shaping up my present. Some being pleasant, some turbulent and some more events leading to a path, which I believe, is destiny.

        We never value any individual until we lose their presence for a specific reason. We take their presence for granted and I firmly believe that’s the reason their absence hurts us more than anything. In simple terms, they become our habit and their value fades with time. As every day in our life progresses, we realize its non-permanence.

      Everyone has those little pains as they mature themselves physically and mentally to be adults. I notice  that, one’s learning from such hard fetched lessons will  always shape up their personality and lifestyle in their future. After all, every person we meet, talk, fight influence our character. The traits that we borrow from our surroundings carve our world. Inspirations are many and as a result, mistakes and regrets are many.

       Till about ten years, I had a small sentiment going along my birthday. Never did that day end without any minor injury or a small drama of that sort. As a child, I wasn’t so playful such as my counter parts. I rather preferred staying at home. I always loved searching for some specific objects at my place. Dad’s disorganization, Mom’s fussiness made sure of an atmosphere where getting the keys of our vehicle itself seemed a gigantic task. Though mom was always the one who would unlock such mysteries, as a child I always used to love watching those small blame games, they used to have.

            I have never had any surprises in particular for my birthdays. Many such years moved on with expectations turning out to be unfulfilled realities. I didn’t have a specific friend circle during my schooling. If that can be attributed as a reason for the same, I realize the extent to which I have missed a lot of opportunities in knitting some lifelong relationships. That has been one reason that I give every possible chance to sustain every genuine relationship I establish now. My last birthday is especially one such day that bonded me with a set of friends for life.

          Friends! They have expanded my horizon. Haven’t they? How did I forget that? They are the ones who’ve provided me experiences that have compelled me to write. Those light hearted talks at our hangout spots, those humorous abuses, those pointless fights, which have all sealed an indelible place in my heart. I’m very scared of the term ‘priorities’. They change with time and that’s what bothers me the most. It isn’t that I necessarily believe in that statement, I just hope it won’t become an excuse for any of my friends to part ways. Anyways, as I ponder over a suitable ending for this nostalgic trip, one of my friend quips,”Hey Laddu! It’s time to leave! Stop Writing! We need to catch the first bus!”. Welcoming every new day is exciting and a birthday isn’t any better. If celebrating with friends is what I enjoy the most on my birthday, I don’t mind celebrating every day. I realize I couldn’t have planned a better ending for an article regarding my life, very much summed up by my friends and their impact on me.


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