The lonely walk back….


As I bid goodbye to two of my friends at the bus stop on a memorable day that redefined togetherness, I feel helpless. I stay back at the stop for a while, recalling the moments that we had spent with aplomb. None has understood and trusted my interests and instincts any better than them. Even if I feel I’m overreacting to the situation, I’m scared to go back home. I’m being constantly tortured by the thought of taking the 10 minute journey to reach there. I sound indifferent to my surroundings, the people. I’m helpless after all the crap I’m feeding myself with. How can a place that I’ve been living since 20 years seem insipid? I’m forced to repeat a clichéd statement, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”.

                A walk to a place is always refreshing when we have a close friend at bay to offer you a topic to chat about. For a person who took a lot of time in understanding the value of sociability,( In this case, It’s me!!) I’ve got used to walks either way. I completely enjoy my privacy as much as the intimacy of being with a trustable friend. In the latter case, we don’t bother about the distance or time, it’s the path which we relish. In the case of lonesomeness, it helps us understand ourselves more than ever.

         An average Indian who uses a bus for his/her daily needs often has a lot of time for self analysis. It is actually this juncture that decides our moods for a complete day or a complete night. After all the stress we face the entire day, we walk back to our homes either satisfied, frustrated or tired in response to the daily proceedings. The loneliness that we experience as we take a few steps forward in the street to reach our home threatens us. Home always has been a place where we feel secured. Nothing in life will please us more than having a square meal fed by our mom.             

                  Success can always create a barrier in one’s life. Every person around, is more fascinated with the  reason behind the fame that has generated around them more than anything else. I believe victories have no value when we aren’t in a position to share it with our close ones. Despite a following, it holds the danger of losing the ‘pal’ like connect with our environment. It thus becomes an additional responsibility of not getting swayed by the new heights. Additionally,we never really identify our true mates until we experience adversities in life.

              We generally end up in situations where we supposedly don’t have much of a choice. We try too hard to satisfy people and convince them. It happens significantly when the person involved is too important for you to lose. Yes, it’s a form of selfishness where we go to any extent to get our work done. In response to this, let there be something selfless from our side to the society, which we are a product of. Ultimately,we live once, try reaping the best benefits of every opportunity we’re provided with. It’s the small walk back to our home in the night that counts. Those few steps with satisfaction could make all the difference.


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