A beautiful portrait without substance….


endukante premanta

The ultimate challenge of a filmmaker is to make his work look believable, regardless of its pointlessness. Endukante Premanta, in that case takes too many cinematic liberties to an extent that a spectator doesn’t care to believe them. This Karunakaran venture is an immense delight for the eyes, which sadly can’t suffice a product that lacks clarity. It isn’t its inspiration from the English flick “Just Like Heaven” that mattered, but it’s inability to mix entertainment with philosophy is what, that disappoints on an entirety.

               The film begins with a reincarnation saga of two unsatisfied souls who aren’t able to get together for various reasons, only to unite and realise their love in their next birth. Ram and Tamanna are portrayed as conservative students in the first birth with the latter’s inhibitions in entering into a relationship and are provided  contrasting characterisations in their next birth. They are often placed in tricky situations and the story deals with the duo’s tactics in outsmarting them and ultimately getting together.

                 The basic flaw in the film is essentially the nurturing of love between the leads. Every time we see Ram helping Tamanna, it looks mere sympathy and love is nowhere to be found. Though the story lacks logic, it’s puzzling to see an established director  failing to connect crucial links in the screenplay. Not all is bad with the film though, the clean humour is something to watch out for, especially the second half which provides ample entertainment.

                 Ram’s energy in his dances and desperation to make this film work is visible from the very first frame. He is at ease and consistent throughout the film never overplaying his character.  However, we never get to witness anything unique from his previous portrayals. Tamanna is just about passable and tries too hard to get her act right. Shinde, Anu Hassan, Suman have stereotypically designed roles. Though Brahmanandam’s comic act works once again, the redundancy in his characterisations is one factor he should take a note of.        

              Technically, this is one film, the director would be proud of his team. The quality cinematography makes every frame look like a portrait. The grand locales in Paris do well to aid the film’s stylishness. ‘Nee Chupule’ and ‘Chill Out’ stand out among the compositions from G.V.Prakash Kumar ,who does a neat job with the background score too. Karunakaran as a director is bearable and his screenplay could have been crisper to handle a subject such as this.

            Endukante Premanta in simple terms is, strictly a one-time watch. Though the performances try to save a sinking ship, they can’t rise above the loopholes. Keep your brains aside and be patient, if you are to enjoy this one. Kicking a coke bottle up your face isn’t love baby!!

My Take:  2.5/5


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