Looking back with innocence….

Slipping into dreams unknowingly in her arms,

Lying on her lap for solace,

Making her pat my head for comfort,

Holding her hand for strength,

Pestering her to feed me in tiredness,

Calling her name repeatedly with affection,

Looking for her support during turmoil,

Sitting beside her peeping through the window,

Waving her a goodbye while leaving,

Glancing her face back in the streets while coming,

Pleading for her company in idleness,

Kissing her cheeks with excitement,

Discussing about her past with pride,

Ending the day with a hug,

Praying for an utterly selfless soul,

Thanking the superpower for her presence,

For her untiring efforts to help,

Unfair is the pain she went through,

Undeserving is the way she had to part,

Seeing those painful flames burning her to ashes,

Recalling the journey that began with flamboyance,

Looking into those photographic memories with innocence,

Cringing in the present that seems to have lost its essence.


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