Face the truth!

There has always been a tradition of sorts in terms of success in my family. Though it doesn’t call for a thorough analysis, the interesting part here is the fact that none of us in the family have achieved anything worthwhile in their first attempt. However, this is one aspect that every person indeed feels at a phase, as if he/she is the only person burdened with a heap of issues and act as if there is no other option or solution to it.

                    Problems if recognized carefully have existed at every stage of our life. True, the intensity of it hasn’t been the same all through. If we look back at our petty issues during our tender ages, we smile at our innocence and the way we approached life. Once we grow, we start recognizing people and understand that life isn’t so sweet after all . Our complaints, disappointments from situations grow as we increasingly realize that our so called ideal perception of life is fading.

                    Coming back to the way we deal with our problems, there is every chance that we get disheartened when we are needed to face failure in spite of the best of our efforts to make things work. Though it is easier for me to tell rather than face them, we need to feel privileged that we are those chosen ambassadors of destiny to deal with the most enriching lessons of life. 

                    Another dimension we need to acknowledge is the real meaning of happiness. I am not here to confess my version of it but just to add on that, our understanding of happiness is more complete when our acceptance of pain is more.  Kahlil Gibran too concedes the same in his work ‘The Prophet’ that, “The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.”  When you face your next crisis in life, do remember that you are getting groomed for a better existence and don’t also forget to celebrate when you topple it.


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