Neither thrills nor chills- Jil Movie Review


He’s a fire officer. He messes up with life and death on a daily basis.  These are the only lines that one gets to hear with any little innovation that Jil boasts of. Gopichand here belongs to a breed of Shahrukh Khan in Jab Tak Hai Jaan as the bomb defusing expert, who was equally toying with his survival.The stale interior is marketed with some confidence and style here.

Gopichand screams with a charisma like a man on a mission and Rashi Khanna complements him on the style quotient ably. But that’s only what you get. It’s a result with staggering production values, costume-designs to make a Manish Malhotra proud, surreal cinematography to elevate the mediocrity in the content.

With commercial films and especially actors like Gopichand, you know that there’s only a limited space for the game to be played. Goons with outgrown salt-and-pepper beards, a man with a position, a vulnerable family and you know where to fill the spaces. There’s help coming from Posani who wears a conventional dhoti like each of his recent appearances alongside Prabhas Raju, playing his mocking sidekick.

The problem with a film like Jil is the genre on the whole. By the time there’s some intelligence, there are the formality pelvic thrusts in the rain and fire too (thanks to his profession here) besides slapstick humour (read heroines who in cinematic terms are bubbly and nothing more than that) and families, whose immediate job is to get the male protagonist married. These indulgences are best handled when you’re a Vinayak or a Vaitla who can make the commercial compulsions seem less forced.

Radha Krishna Kumar, you realise is lost in a wrong film, nearly alike Karthik Ghattamaneni in Surya Vs Surya or even an Amit Sharma in Tevar. He has a great taste for the visuals but the undoing material could have done away that extra focus. On the other front, Ghibran’s songs bring in the best to the film both in terms of the modern scores and the energy with which they’re shot. Swing Swing Swing, a line from a number reads and the one which actually gets you grooving,  but otherwise, for the most of proceedings, Jil is a long yawn. More than the content, it needed a maker with a better attitude to approach masala films. Pizzas and Panipuris at once make a bad combo.


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