TFI, can’t you digest Radhika Apte’s words ?


This is probably a truth that every one in the Telugu film industry even knew or digested daily before Radhika Apte put it out. That the treatment is patriarchial, chauvinist in its daily functioning with stories in films that always glorify the “My man is my god” mentality. The fact that she, being barely five-film-old in the industry, tells that is what that has hit the fraternity more than anything else.

May be, generalising the entire umbrella of Telugu cinema is not an ideal scenario, but isn’t this the larger truth ? Haven’t we seen interferences of the lead actor in modulating his character-sketch, so that his part feels more like a hero to his woman ? The media itself puts up a big fuss about Kriti Sanon and Anushka being 5’9 and 5’10, which is ideally more than the average height of the heroes out there. So what ? Does love on-screen happen with the height being a barrier ?

“I might not be working here ever again,”said Apte in the interview to CNN-IBN. She even mentioned the likes of actors and their tantrums, not letting the shoots happen on time. For a fact, why should we celebrate our women any lesser ? We may no more have the Savitri’s or the Bhanumati’s around, but why can’t we at least give them the space to be so ? When was the last film we saw where the heroine wasn’t being stalked by men ? Forget an occasional Sekhar Kammula, Gautham Menon or a Mani Ratnam who make movies once in two years here.

Senior actor Naresh hit out at her,”Who is this joker Radhika Apte? I didn’t know she existed.” We’re probably the very audiences who easily call the plots majorly surrounding women as ‘female-centric’. Nearly, 90% of the films those are made are male-centric. Are any reviews or even comments associated with the movie being labelled ‘male-dominated’ ?

Meanwhile, it gets very obvious that she won’t be invited to Lion’s audio release. But, we should be happy. She needn’t put up a diplomatic face merely with the fear of losing opportunities here. She had the guts to put this all out. This is not to say that Bollywood is all alien to this. What’s the Khan-giri and Bhai-giri we get to see ? But wait, let us do the ‘Apte-bashing’ once we have answers to the questions, she has put forward.

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